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What is Viralbp

ViralBP is a specialized division of the Proxfon Group, focused on assisting brands and companies with TikTok Marketing, User-Generated Content strategies, and overall branding in the digital realm. They help businesses harness the power of TikTok, leverage user-generated content, and establish a compelling brand presence in the digital landscape.

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We build the plans, systems and skyrocket your Sales and Followers through UGC. We help you brand, get more revenue and build your new income stream. We are Viralbp.

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Our TikTok campaigns have successfully generated $50 million in revenue for our clients, showcasing the effectiveness of our strategies and campaigns.

With a well-structured marketing plan, we have achieved a remarkable $50 million in revenue for our clients, highlighting the strategic prowess of our campaigns.

Our comprehensive marketing strategy, with a primary emphasis on paid ads, incorporates organic growth tactics to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Achieving a substantial $50 million in revenue for our clients, our comprehensive marketing strategy encompasses both paid ads and organic growth, showcasing our holistic approach to driving results.

In addition to our primary focus on paid ads, we provide essential support in community building and other vital aspects of our clients’ marketing strategies to ensure their overall success.

Following our successful campaigns, we offer expert consultations to help our clients further maximize their growth potential.


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